Death’s appointment with Hassan

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One day in Baghdad Hassan Tehrani was walking by the banks of the Tigris when he was surprised to see Death.  As soon as he saw death he noticed the great surprise on Death’s face and Hassan ran away.

When Hassan got home he thought about how to get away from death. He talked to his uncle a mystic.

He told his uncle of his plan to escape death by going as far away from Baghdad as he could. He started on a three month journey to Samarkand (on the North East borders of the Empire).

So Hassan started the perilous journey to Samarkand.

The next day the uncle saw Death in the bazaar. He asked death, “What were you doing scaring my nephew Hassan?”

Death replied, “Oh, I was not scaring him. I was just so surprised to see him, here in Baghdad. I have an appointment with him in Samarkand in three months!”


While I’m talking about Death, here’s another story about death.


Another time a plague came and seventy thousand souls died. A Saint saw Death and asked, “Why did you kill seventy thousand?”?

Death replied, “I only took seventy souls, fear took the lives of the others.”

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