I dropped her at the other side

A Zen master and novice were walking from one monastery to another. They came to a wide fast river. A young lady was drying at the bank. The master asked her what her problem was. She replied that she had to get to the other side but the river runs too fast and I am […]

Pay no attention to miracles

Here we have two teaching stories one from Zen sources and another from Sufi with the same message about powers or miracles. A student of Zen got some powers after ten years of Zazen (sitting Zen meditation). He ran into the master’s chamber and excitedly told him of the powers he had acquired¬† from his […]

The Zen Master and Grief

The Zen master’s best freind had died. He burst our crying at the funeral. A novice tugged at his sleeve and asked, “Master, master, is this world not illusory?” The Zen master replied in the affirmative, “It is so.” “Are not life and death just parts of samsara (the teaching of the Buddha that life […]

Mullah Nasrudin the baseball umpire

Mullah Nasrudin emigrated to the USA and decided to get involved in Baseball the national pastime. Since he was too old to play he became an umpire and moved up the ranks of umpire. Soon Nasrudin was a top umpire. One day in an umpire’s conference there was a discussion. One umpire said, ” call […]

At least make one exception

This teaching story is another from te Zeb Buddhist tradition: A farmer’s wife had died and he asked a Buddhist priest to recite the Sutras (Buddhist religious texts) for her.¬† At the end of the recitation he asked the priest, "Do you think my wife will gain merit from this?" The priest replied, "Of course. […]

Mullah Nasrudin and the second sight

Mullah Nasrudin loved to boast about his powers. One day he was drinking tea in the caravansary and talking to his cronies. He said that he had trained under a great yogi in India and had got the second sight. Someone asked, “What pray is second sight?” “Simple,” replied Nasrudin, “I can see in total […]

The final message

A Zen master was very close to death. His students brought him a piece of his favorite cake. They surounded the master’s deathbed and watched him eatung his cake. As the dying master was nibbling on the cake, one of the students asked the master, "Do you have a final message for us?" The dying […]

Zen tea ceremony

A professor who was full of himself and his knowledge once visited a Zen monastery to learn all about Zen. He asked the master, “Tell me about the Koans,” and, “How do you feel when you have a Satori?” and “How does the Zen theory of the nomind compare with Cartesian dualism?” and, and, and…. […]

Don’t you know who I’m

This is another Zen teaching story: A cruel tyrant was invading the country and having his troops kill anyone in sight to frighten the populous into submission and obedience. They got to a town with a large Zen monastery. All the people and the monks except one ran to the hills. The victorious emperor arrived […]

One and two makes?

This is another Zen teaching story. In the olden days itinerant Zen monks would travel between monasteries and when they arrived there they could challenge a monk to a theological debate and of they won, they could stay the night but if they lost, they move have to move on to the next monastery. There […]