Fried human brain

This story was told to me by my uncle Dr. Djalal Abdoh, who was the United Nations Governor of British Cameroons for two years and conducted a plebiscite to decide how they should join upon decolonization. It is a true story in as much as my uncle told me. I’m retelling the story as my […]

The truth and the hundred monkey phenomenon

So the story goes: In the nineteen sixties or seventies some Japanese behavioral biologists were conducting a research project on a group of monkeys which lived around the shores on a series of islands off Japan. They fed the monkeys some kind of tuber roots (yams. sweet potatoes or something similar). The roots were not […]

Question of truth

I was talking to a friend yesterday about seminar leaders and self-improvement gurus who use untrue stories to back up their point. I told the story of one of the most popular (and hence richest) of these authors and how he claimed that the word desire comes from the Latin roots “De Sire” meaning of […]

even idiots can be right at times

My family spent the summer of 1960 in Geneva Switzerland. The apartment we rented for the summer overlooked Lake Geneva and one could see Mont Blanc from the same window too. We had great time walking by the lake and took lots of photos. We would drive for day trips to France on the other […]

The man who gained weight in prison

This is a true story. In 1953 the people of Iran threw out Mohamad Reza Pahlavi, the puppet of Angelo Iranian oil company (later to be known as British Petroleum – BP of Gulf of Mexico fame). Unfortunately the British government had convinced the ignorant US government that the democratically elected nationalistic government was pro-communist. […]

The Carvansarai of dreams

Many years ago in the indefinite past, I was driving in the desert. The road was empty and there were not a single dwellings for 256 miles. I was told to chose an alternate rout which was longer but had many villages on the way and the roads were well traveled. I was young and […]

Pain is easy – itching is hard

I just returned from the dentist after my quarterly gum cleaning. I have had gum disease for more thanĀ  thirty years and the periodentists have done a wonderful job of helping keep most of my teeth. Because of the deep damage to the gums the cleaning has been extremely painful and I used to ask […]

Unfair exchange is a robbery

This is a true story: In the sixties before Afghanistan was a war zone, a peace corps group were in Afghanistan to help the country. They were hydrologists helping to build small irrigation dams and other projects. So these wonderful young Americans who were helping were going from one town to another in two Bedford […]

The lesson of super cold water

This is a true story: Last night I wanted to cool a bottle of water quickly and placed it in the freezer section of refrigerator. I was tired and went to bed forgetting about the water. I woke up this morning and remembered the water bottle. I rushed to the fridge and was surprised to […]

Mullah Nasrudin and America at last

Mullah Nasrudin was visiting the USA. He first went to New York and saw the Empire States Building, in Washington D.C. he visited the Capitol, Smithsonian, Space museum, White House, the Mall, and many memorials. Next he settled down in Los Angeles and visited Dineyland, Universal Studios, Magic Mountain, Knots berry Park and was living […]