Nasrudin and no cream

Nasrudin was a waiter in a five star restaurant. He was told that he had to always make sure the rich customers would be kept satisfied. One day the restaurant had ran out of cream when a customer asked for coffee without cream. Nasrudin who wanted to keep the customer satisfied said, “We don’t have […]

Nasrudin, Shakespeare, and Mamet

This afternoon I saw “American Buffalo” by David Mamet. So this reminds me of the following: After some political upheavals in his native country Nasrudin emigrated to the USA and was now an American. Upheavals were the events du jour for Nasrudins and he soon found himself in England hungry and without any money. He […]

Mullah Nasrudin and I agree

I was searching for this (one of the best known stories) to send to my sister and much to my surprise I had never written it. So here it is for you Sousan jan. Others can benefit too. Mullah Nasrudin was a Ghazi (judge) and there was a major case before him. First it was […]

Parables as teaching stories

Jesus Christ taught in parables because we are story telling and hearing creatures. We love stories and learn much better from them than from cold facts. Advertisers know this and often use stories to sell their products. Here is a teaching story from the Jewish tradition on parables: Truth entered a village naked as the […]

Mullah Nasrudin and the misunderstanding

Mullah Nasrudin immigrated to the USA and became a university professor. One day he arrived at the weekly university talk open to all the public. Typically these talks were given by visiting professors and attended by the university staff and their spouses, as well as few students and general public. As Nasrudin entered the huge […]

King of the farts

This is a very simplistic teaching story that my mother used to tell us when we were little childre4n. We loved hearing my mother talk about the king of the farts… *** A long, long time ago… An old humble lady was invited to a banquet given by the third vizier to the Shahanshah. The […]

It’s not always the same

This is an oral story about the Prophet Jesus (may peace be on him) – I’m writing this from a Muslim point of view to emphasize the fact that Jesus is a Prophet to the Muslims as are Moses, David, Joseph and all other Prophets of the Jewish and Christian Bibles. Jesus told the disciples […]

I dropped her at the other side

A Zen master and novice were walking from one monastery to another. They came to a wide fast river. A young lady was drying at the bank. The master asked her what her problem was. She replied that she had to get to the other side but the river runs too fast and I am […]

A wise enemy is better than a foolish friend

In Iran we have a story about children playing together. Ali the youngest was everyone’s favorite and had many friends but one enemy called Rashid. One day as they played, Ali fell down in a well. All Ali’s friends were scared since they had been told not to play near the well. So they ran […]

Nasrudin the rats, crow and the dog

Nasrudin and the rats A friend complained to Nasrudin that he had fifty pounds of wheat and before he knew it the rats had come and eaten all his wheat. Nasrudin replied, “I too had fifty pounds of wheat and before the rats knew it I had eaten all my wheat.” Since that was a […]