Mullah Nasrudin and I agree

I was searching for this (one of the best known stories) to send to my sister and much to my surprise I had never written it. So here it is for you Sousan jan. Others can benefit too. Mullah Nasrudin was a Ghazi (judge) and there was a major case before him. First it was […]

Nasrudin and the coffin

Mullah Nasrudin was walking with his son when a funeral procession came by. The mullah’s son pointed to the coffin and asked him, “What is in that box?” Nasrudin replied, “A man, my son.” The son continued, “Where are they taking him, father, and why are they so sad?” “They are sad because they take […]

Pay no attention to miracles

Here we have two teaching stories one from Zen sources and another from Sufi with the same message about powers or miracles. A student of Zen got some powers after ten years of Zazen (sitting Zen meditation). He ran into the master’s chamber and excitedly told him of the powers he had acquired  from his […]

The Carvansarai of dreams

Many years ago in the indefinite past, I was driving in the desert. The road was empty and there were not a single dwellings for 256 miles. I was told to chose an alternate rout which was longer but had many villages on the way and the roads were well traveled. I was young and […]

Mullah Nasrudin and prayer answered

Mullah Nasrudin was very devout but poor. His wife wanted a large house, jewelry, dresses, and all the accouterments.  She kept telling him, "Stop preaching and become a merchant like my sister’s husband. I’m ashamed in front of all my relatives." Nasrudin was lazy by nature and was not ambitious kept replying, "God loves us […]

Book learning

One property of teaching stories is that they come from deep within the human psyche and will be told in different cultures using fictional and historical heroes of the locality. Many teaching stories are mythological and a few did happen to somebody at sometime but not necessarily to the person ascribed to. The value of […]

Mullah Nasrudin and no need for us chickens

This story is one that I use in my Transformative Imagination seminars. It is typically not so long. I ended up using Mullah Nasrudin as the hero of the teaching story and added a little about Iranian foods and culture. Most words are defined when first used. The Shahanshah’s son (Shahanshah = king of kings), […]

The adulterer and the thirsty dog

This is a hadith (stories of sayings of the Prophet of God Mohammad – peace be on him). This story comes from Sufi sources and is not authenticated. The adulterer and the thirsty dog: Once an adulterer saw a thirsty dog dying of dehydration. He went to a well and drew water for the dog […]

Have you ever tasted true love?

A wise Sufi was giving a sermon at the invitation of the Sultan for the opening of the grand mosque in Istanbul. The Sultan and all the dignitaries of the Ottoman Empire were there for the celebration of the consecration of the mosque. When the sheikh (leader) got up to talk before this learned and […]