It’s not always the same

This is an oral story about the Prophet Jesus (may peace be on him) – I’m writing this from a Muslim point of view to emphasize the fact that Jesus is a Prophet to the Muslims as are Moses, David, Joseph and all other Prophets of the Jewish and Christian Bibles. Jesus told the disciples […]

Pay no attention to miracles

Here we have two teaching stories one from Zen sources and another from Sufi with the same message about powers or miracles. A student of Zen got some powers after ten years of Zazen (sitting Zen meditation). He ran into the master’s chamber and excitedly told him of the powers he had acquired  from his […]

Mullah Nasrudin and no need for us chickens

This story is one that I use in my Transformative Imagination seminars. It is typically not so long. I ended up using Mullah Nasrudin as the hero of the teaching story and added a little about Iranian foods and culture. Most words are defined when first used. The Shahanshah’s son (Shahanshah = king of kings), […]

The adulterer and the thirsty dog

This is a hadith (stories of sayings of the Prophet of God Mohammad – peace be on him). This story comes from Sufi sources and is not authenticated. The adulterer and the thirsty dog: Once an adulterer saw a thirsty dog dying of dehydration. He went to a well and drew water for the dog […]

An act of generosity

The Prophet of God, Mohammad (peace be on him) was known for his kindness and generosity. One day a farmer brought him a gift of eight cucumbers (which were very hard to grow in the deserts of Arabia). The Prophet ate a bite into the first cucumber, thanked the farmer saying that his crop was […]