I dropped her at the other side

A Zen master and novice were walking from one monastery to another. They came to a wide fast river. A young lady was drying at the bank. The master asked her what her problem was. She replied that she had to get to the other side but the river runs too fast and I am […]

Nasrudin and the lawyer

Nasrudin was a coroner and was called to testify in the court. The lawyer for the defendant asked, “Are you sure that Miss Jones was dead when you were performing the autopsy?” Nasrudin: “I am positive.” Lawyer: “Did you check his pulse?” Nasrudin: “No.” Lawyer: “Did you check his breathing when you did the autopsy?” […]

A wise enemy is better than a foolish friend

In Iran we have a story about children playing together. Ali the youngest was everyone’s favorite and had many friends but one enemy called Rashid. One day as they played, Ali fell down in a well. All Ali’s friends were scared since they had been told not to play near the well. So they ran […]