The truth and the hundred monkey phenomenon

So the story goes: In the nineteen sixties or seventies some Japanese behavioral biologists were conducting a research project on a group of monkeys which lived around the shores on a series of islands off Japan. They fed the monkeys some kind of tuber roots (yams. sweet potatoes or something similar). The roots were not […]

Gift of God

This teaching story comes from Kabbalah, Jewish mysticism literally meaning receiving… When the Ultimate Reality created the heavens, earths, and the gods doves did not have wings. Each day the lion would persecute the dove, running after her and scaring her to near death. The dove prayed to the Ultimate Reality for help and succor. […]

Nasrudin the rats, crow and the dog

Nasrudin and the rats A friend complained to Nasrudin that he had fifty pounds of wheat and before he knew it the rats had come and eaten all his wheat. Nasrudin replied, “I too had fifty pounds of wheat and before the rats knew it I had eaten all my wheat.” Since that was a […]

Pigs and time

Time, what is it? It’s like when I don’t think about it I know what it is and when I think about it I’m clueless. That’s what Saint Agustin or Saint Paul or saint Thomas Aquinas said about something or other or was it a supreme court justice said about pornography. We do know that […]

The lion, the cat, nepotism and jobs

A domestic cat lived in the lap of luxury but still wanted more and more. One day the greedy cat heard that he was a distant relative to the king of the jungle. He left his comfortable home to search his cousin fifth removed. After much hardship and many perilous adventures he arrived at the […]