The Carvansarai of dreams

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Many years ago in the indefinite past, I was driving in the desert. The road was empty and there were not a single dwellings for 256 miles. I was told to chose an alternate rout which was longer but had many villages on the way and the roads were well traveled. I was young and so sure of myself and chose the dangerous path. I did not even take the necessary precautions of taking food, water, blankets and most importantly extra gasoline with me.
I don’t know what happened…..
The car ran off the path….
The engine stopped…..
The bright overhead sun scorched the desert. I had scorpions for my neighbors. I had no gas, no food, no water, no blankets….
Time passed….
Was it minutes, hours, days?
An old woman came by. I had a vision. She said some words I could not understand. There I was standing in the desert. There were three of me. I and I and I! I was arguing with I. The discussion got louder and louder. I was fighting I. And I was just sitting there detached observing….
The night wore on. The temperature outside went lower and lower. I was warm bathed in the light of the old woman’s shiny face.
I had dreams and other dreams. It was a starry night of wonders, awe and unspeakable phenomena….
Two suns bright, brighter….
Two moons….
I and I and I…. Three eyes.
The old woman.
Only one.

Then as quickly as it came….
Then even before it came….
In an eye blink….
It was over, a vague memory of a vision of a fog of a dream of a what?

I was safely at the other side of desert in a Carvansarai of dreams. The innkeeper brought some chai (tea) and told me a story about a time long long past when a Sufi Sheik used to go to a special place in the desert and pray special words and light a special candle. He knew what to do and his wishes came true. Many generations passed and the people of the region forgot things known by their forefathers. Now their Sheik would go to special place and pray the special words but no one knew how to make the special candles. Still their wishes came true. A few more generations and not only no one knew how to make the special candles but the Sheiks had forgotten the special words but at least they knew the special place and yet their wishes would come true….

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