Black jack and the rich doctor

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Mullah Nasrudin was visiting the USA and some Iranian friends took him to Las Vegas.

The Mullah was fascinated by the glitter, lights, sounds, and the sights of Vegas, but being a good Muslim her refused to play the slots or anything else as gambling is forbidden to the faithful.

On the third evening Nasrudin noticed a well dressed gentleman playing black jack. He had hundred dollar chips in front of him and would bet a few on each hand. At times he would win and at times he would lose but it was obvious to Nasrudin that the guy knew what he was doing. Everyone at the casino looked after him with drinks, food and whatever else he wanted.

Mullah thought to himself that a sure thing is not technically gambling so sat next to the guy and got one hundred dollars of chips. He did whatever the high roller did.

In a very short time Nasrudin lost all his money.

As he was leaving the table he said to the gambler, “Don’t you know what you are doing?”

The man replied, “Sure I do. I’m a brain surgeon.”


That’s why many “experts” are great marks for charlatans like Bernie Maddof. They imagine that because they are experts in one field they are experts in all fields. We go for it too – hence advertising endorsements.

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