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This teaching story is another from te Zeb Buddhist tradition:

A farmer’s wife had died and he asked a Buddhist priest to recite the Sutras (Buddhist religious texts) for her.  At the end of the recitation he asked the priest, "Do you think my wife will gain merit from this?"

The priest replied, "Of course. In fact,not only your wife but all sentient beings will benefit from the recitation of the Sutras."

The farmer thought about this for a little while and said, "Can you please recite the Sutras just for my wife as she was very week before she died and other sentient beings will receive all her merit."

The priest patiently explained that Buddhists wished to offer blessings to all sentient beings and assured him that no matter how week she used to be, she would receive the merit and blessings.

Again the farmer thought about this for a little while and finally said, "That’s a great sentiment. However, please make one single exception. That neighbor to the North is so mean to me. Please exclude him from all those sentient beings."

The above story deserves to be a Mullah Nasrudin story but culturally Nasrudin is a Muslim and the concept saying prayers for all sentient beings does not exist in standard Islam. Although I’m sure Rumi would understand and appreciate this story.


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