An act of generosity

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The Prophet of God, Mohammad (peace be on him) was known for his kindness and generosity. One day a farmer brought him a gift of eight cucumbers (which were very hard to grow in the deserts of Arabia).

The Prophet ate a bite into the first cucumber, thanked the farmer saying that his crop was delicious and then rather than his normal habit of sharing all food with the companions ate each cucumber in turn with relish each time commenting how good they were and thanked the farmer who was becoming more delighted with each thanks.

After the cucumbers were eaten, the farmer was gifted a gold coin and left. The companions looked at each other as they could not understand these out of character actions. Ali, the Prophet’s cousin and son in law, the bravest of all Muslims, asked, “How come you ate all the cucumbers yourself so fast?”

The Prophet replied, “They were most bitter and I knew that if shared them as normal at least one of you would have made a face and talked about the taste. That would have disappointed the farmer who had put his soul in giving us a gift of love and compassion.”

The above story is handed down to us (Muslims) as a true story. It is as true as stories in the Bible about Jesus and Moses. In reality the historicity of such stories do not matter. The lesson within are more important than anything else. So I’m adding a new category religious story and it’s up to you to decide if they actually happened or would have happened if the situation came by.

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