Mullah Nasrudin and the misunderstanding

Mullah Nasrudin immigrated to the USA and became a university professor. One day he arrived at the weekly university talk open to all the public. Typically these talks were given by visiting professors and attended by the university staff and their spouses, as well as few students and general public. As Nasrudin entered the huge […]

The truth and the hundred monkey phenomenon

So the story goes: In the nineteen sixties or seventies some Japanese behavioral biologists were conducting a research project on a group of monkeys which lived around the shores on a series of islands off Japan. They fed the monkeys some kind of tuber roots (yams. sweet potatoes or something similar). The roots were not […]

Mullah Nasrudin the priest and the minister

Mullah Nasrudin was walking in the countryside with a priest and a minister. It was a hot day and they were sweating  profusely. Nasrudin cried aloud, “Dear God, we are three of your hard working servants, please let us find solace from this heat.” Just then they came to a large pond. Since there was […]

Mullah Nasrudin the Calvinist

Most of these Mullah Nasrudin stories I remember from my childhood. I heard them in Iran from oral traditions. I recreated them from my memory into English (not translation but recreation since I do not always remember the original Persian stories). Others I have got from a few Persian books I have gathered over the […]

Insincere story of sincere

I heard one of my heroes in the field of self-improvement tell this insincere story of sincere: The etymology of sincere is that the word comes from the Latin sine cera (without wax). It derives from the fact the the Romans loved marble statues. These were very difficult to sculpt without breakage. So the typical […]

Question of truth

I was talking to a friend yesterday about seminar leaders and self-improvement gurus who use untrue stories to back up their point. I told the story of one of the most popular (and hence richest) of these authors and how he claimed that the word desire comes from the Latin roots “De Sire” meaning of […]

I felt the earth move

This afternoon we had one of those typical Southern Californian earth quacks. It reminded me of a time about twenty five years ago when there was another Lakers/Celtics rivalry. Those were the times of Magic Johnson and Kamal Abdal Jabbar on our side and Larry Bird on theirs. Anyway at the time I worked for […]

even idiots can be right at times

My family spent the summer of 1960 in Geneva Switzerland. The apartment we rented for the summer overlooked Lake Geneva and one could see Mont Blanc from the same window too. We had great time walking by the lake and took lots of photos. We would drive for day trips to France on the other […]