The man who gained weight in prison

This is a true story. In 1953 the people of Iran threw out Mohamad Reza Pahlavi, the puppet of Angelo Iranian oil company (later to be known as British Petroleum – BP of Gulf of Mexico fame). Unfortunately the British government had convinced the ignorant US government that the democratically elected nationalistic government was pro-communist. […]

King of the farts

This is a very simplistic teaching story that my mother used to tell us when we were little childre4n. We loved hearing my mother talk about the king of the farts… *** A long, long time ago… An old humble lady was invited to a banquet given by the third vizier to the Shahanshah. The […]

Mullah Nasrudin the boy scout

Mullah Nasrudin and his brother were both boy scouts. They wanted to do good deeds and win many badges. One week the scout master asked all the scouts about the good deeds they had performed in the last week. One by one the scouts talked about their respective good deeds. Finally it was the turn […]

It’s not always the same

This is an oral story about the Prophet Jesus (may peace be on him) – I’m writing this from a Muslim point of view to emphasize the fact that Jesus is a Prophet to the Muslims as are Moses, David, Joseph and all other Prophets of the Jewish and Christian Bibles. Jesus told the disciples […]