Maybe it’s good

In the ancient days in China there was a villager who had a strong handsome son and a strong white stallion. Every one talked about this man telling how lucky he was. He would always answer them,¬† “Maybe, it’s good. Maybe, it’s bad… You never know!” One day the stallion ran away. All the villagers […]

Nasrudin and the abstract

Mullah Nasrudin was redoing the concrete on his driveway. He first got rid of the old concrete. Then Nasrudin carefully mixed the new according to a recipe he had got from a friend who was a professional concrete pourer. Finally he made it all smooth and went back in the house to write a sermon […]

Black jack and the rich doctor

Mullah Nasrudin was visiting the USA and some Iranian friends took him to Las Vegas. The Mullah was fascinated by the glitter, lights, sounds, and the sights of Vegas, but being a good Muslim her refused to play the slots or anything else as gambling is forbidden to the faithful. On the third evening Nasrudin […]

The difference

A storm had thrown thousands of starfish onto the sea shore. A little was picking the starfish one by one and returning the dying beached animals to their watery habitats. An adult came by and said, “It’s hopeless. You cannot make any difference to all these starfish.” The little girl smiled and picked up the […]

Pain is easy – itching is hard

I just returned from the dentist after my quarterly gum cleaning. I have had gum disease for more than¬† thirty years and the periodentists have done a wonderful job of helping keep most of my teeth. Because of the deep damage to the gums the cleaning has been extremely painful and I used to ask […]

Nasrudin and drying flour

A neighbor came to Mullah Nasrudin and asked to borrow some flour. Nasrudin replied, “I’d like to loan you some, but unfortunately it is all drying on the clothe line just now. “The neighbor complained, “Be reasonable Mullah. You cannot dry flour on a clothe line, can you?” Nasrudin smiled, stroked his beard and said, […]

Pythagoras and what was forbidden

Apparently Pythagoras is not a historical figure but was created by the Pythagoreans as their supposed leader. That makes him as real as Mullah Nasrudin and the majority of the characters mentioned in the Bible: Pythagoras and what was forbidden while alive is allowed in the after life. The Pythagoreans had strict diet requirements. They […]