Mullah Nasrudin and the lottery

The king wanted to build a most fantastic palace. He wanted to prove that he was truly the Shahanshah (King of kings) and he wanted his palace to be better than the Khalif’s in Baghdad, or that of the Khan in Rum (Rome or Byzantium – modern day Turkey). Unfortunately the Shahanshah’s treasury was quite […]

Pigs and time

Time, what is it? It’s like when I don’t think about it I know what it is and when I think about it I’m clueless. That’s what Saint Agustin or Saint Paul or saint Thomas Aquinas said about something or other or was it a supreme court justice said about pornography. We do know that […]

The usurious money lender and the young lady

There was once an evil usurious money lender (you know the type who charged one tenth the interest that modern banks charge us)…. He had lent money to a kindly merchant. Unfortunately the merchants ships had sunk in a storm. Now, in those days people who defaulted their debts would go to debtor’s prison. The […]

The wise old man and the noisy children

A wise old man lived at the end of a quite cul-de-sac. All was well until a family with a few children moved next door. They made a little noise which disturbed the wise old man a little. A few months later another family with children moved the other side. Now, the noise increased geometrically […]