Mullah Nasrudin the baseball umpire

Mullah Nasrudin emigrated to the USA and decided to get involved in Baseball the national pastime. Since he was too old to play he became an umpire and moved up the ranks of umpire. Soon Nasrudin was a top umpire. One day in an umpire’s conference there was a discussion. One umpire said, ” call […]

Mullah Nasrudin and too near the boss

Mullah Nasrudin is a Mullah (a Muslim cleric) and thus is not allowed to drink even a drop of alcohol.  However, he was known to drink wine every now and then “for medicinal purpose.” Whenever someone would catch him imbibing the forbidden nectar of Dionysus (i.e. wine), Nasrudin would exclaim, “This is not the accursed […]

Unfair exchange is a robbery

This is a true story: In the sixties before Afghanistan was a war zone, a peace corps group were in Afghanistan to help the country. They were hydrologists helping to build small irrigation dams and other projects. So these wonderful young Americans who were helping were going from one town to another in two Bedford […]