The lesson of super cold water

This is a true story: Last night I wanted to cool a bottle of water quickly and placed it in the freezer section of refrigerator. I was tired and went to bed forgetting about the water. I woke up this morning and remembered the water bottle. I rushed to the fridge and was surprised to […]

Time to wake up

Wife to husband: “Time to wake up. Get up! Get up!” Husband: “Go away, I’m sleeping!” Wife: “Come on we need to go to the Church.” Husband: “I don’t feel like it.” Wife: “Please, we need to go to the Church.” Husband: “I don’t want to go to the Church. I don’t like any one […]

We’re only haggling

This teaching story is ascribed to the English play write and wit George Bernard Shaw. One night Bernard Shaw was at a party and he notices this stuck up pretty young debutant giggling here and giggling there. He approaches her and says, "Will you sleep with me if I give you two pounds?" The debutant […]

The tale of three men and three bags of raisins

This teaching tale comes from one of my friends and mentors Melkom Melomian the ambulance driver of my father’s hospital in Tehran, Iran. He taught me to drive and taught me many more important things. Three men each had a bag of raisins the first one was a pessimist and alawys ate the worst raisin. […]

Mullah Nasrudin and so that

Even though by now Mullah Nasrudin was quite well off and could afford to eat chello kabob, sholeh zard, khoresht-e-karafs and other delicacies every day, he continued to eat stale bread and cheese (noon-o-panir) every day. A friend asks him, "Why do you always eat bread and cheese like a pauper?" Nasrudin replies, "I’m saving […]

Mullah Nasrudin and the last word

Mullah Nasrudin continued his visit to the United States and visted the South. An evangelical fundamentalist Christian priest asked the Mullah about his clerical robes and turban. Upon discovering that Nasrudin was in the same business as he was determined to both discover the other’s modus operandi as well as potentially convert him. The Christian […]

Mullah Nasrudin and America at last

Mullah Nasrudin was visiting the USA. He first went to New York and saw the Empire States Building, in Washington D.C. he visited the Capitol, Smithsonian, Space museum, White House, the Mall, and many memorials. Next he settled down in Los Angeles and visited Dineyland, Universal Studios, Magic Mountain, Knots berry Park and was living […]