I’m here because you’re here

Mullah Nasrudin was a digging a grave in the cemetry when from afar he saw the sand blowing in the distant desert. His imagination got the better of him and he thought it was a band of brigands. In fear for his life he jumped into the half dug grave site. In the distance a […]

Thank God!

This a true story – makes it even more of a teaching story than the anecdotes and parables on this site: Roberto Di’Chincenzo is a top golfer in Agentina, as famous as Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicholas, or Tige Woods in Latin America. He is well known for his extreme kindness, compassion and generosity as well […]

Your wish is my command

This story come from the Wishpower seminar by Dr. Javad Hashtroudian: In the late 70s, when American cars were not in such a great demand (but at least cars did sell unlike today in the current economic mess), this guy owned a Chrysler dealership in a small Midwestern town. This guy’s dealership was not doing […]

The Mahout God

A novice had at last understood that there was no reality to individuality but all is God. I’m God. You are God. The cat is God and even the AIDS virus is God. Like all novices he became a zealot and kept saying, “This wall is God,” and “That mountain is God,” and “Alexander the […]

Nasrudin, the foolish king and the executioner

Once the country was in a great mess because the king was young and foolish and was in reality ruled by his evil vice regent. The king’s answer to all problems was, “Executioner, off with his head.” And the vice regent had Imperial plans of his own. Under the king and the vice regent (or […]

Have you ever tasted true love?

A wise Sufi was giving a sermon at the invitation of the Sultan for the opening of the grand mosque in Istanbul. The Sultan and all the dignitaries of the Ottoman Empire were there for the celebration of the consecration of the mosque. When the sheikh (leader) got up to talk before this learned and […]

Security measure

Mullah Nasrudin would take his door off the hing every day when he left his house and would carry it with him all day until he returned home when he would carefully return the door to its rightful place, enter his house and lock the door behind him. A friend asked him, “Mullah, why do […]

One and two makes?

This is another Zen teaching story. In the olden days itinerant Zen monks would travel between monasteries and when they arrived there they could challenge a monk to a theological debate and of they won, they could stay the night but if they lost, they move have to move on to the next monastery. There […]