It’s my nature

A scorpion had to go to the the other side of a pond and noticed a frog swiming merrily in the water. The scorpion said to the frog, “Please carry me across the pond.” The frog said, “You crazy? What’s to stop you from stinging me when we’re in the middle of the pond? I […]

Mullah Nasrudin and the two thirds of a camel

Mullah Nasrudin was the Ghazi (judge). There was an interesting case in front of him. Two men used to own unequal parts of a camel. Abbass the greedy rich merchant owned two thirds of the camel and Ali the poor honest farmer owned a third of the camel. One day a flood drowned the camel […]

The blindmen and the elephant

Six blind men heard of this giant wondrous animal called the elephant. Since they were blind they could only feel the form of an elephant. As it happens a circus was passing by and the six blind men went to the circus and asked the elephant keeper if they could feel his great beast. The […]

The Dervish and the donkey

A wise Sufi was giving a talk at the invitation of the Sultan for the opening of the grand mosque in Istanbul. The Sultan and all the dignitaries of the Ottoman Empire were there for the celebration. When the sheikh got up to talk before this learned and sophisticated assembly, a simple-minded man jumped up […]

An eye for an eye…

Nasrudin was the Ghazi (judge). A young lady complained that a young man had kissed her by force. The Mullah thought to himself and after some contemplation announced the judgment, “You can do to him by force what he did to you by force.” Related Articles Nasrudin and no cream Nasrudin, Shakespeare, and Mamet Mullah […]

Nasrudin and astronomy

Mullah Nasrudin was teaching astronomy at a school. One of the students asked him the number of stars. Nasrudin said, “When I was younger, I was going to go to outer space to count them. I did not do it for two reasons. Firstly, I have been way too busy. Secondly I was afraid that […]

Nasrudin and the miracle

Nasrudin lost his copy of the Koran. He searched and searched everywhere for it and could not find it. On Friday (the Muslim Sabbath) he prayed and prayed to God to produce a miracle and find his Koran. He asked the congregation to pray for the Koran to be delivered to its rightful owner. Next […]

Mullah Nasrudin and the rusty ax

Mullah Nasrudin was cutting a tree with a rusted ax. A friend came by and said, “Mullah, you cannot cut the tree with that rusted ax. Sharpen it first. Then cut the tree.” Nasrudin replied, “Can’t. Have to cut it very quickly. Don’t have any time.” This reminds me of Ben Franklin once saying that […]

Who you going to believe

Once Mullah Nasrudin’s neighbor came to borrow his donkey. The Mullah did not wish to loan his donkey and said it was on loan to his other neighbor, Mustapha. Just then Nasrudin’s donkey brayed. The neighbor said, “I thought you had lent it to Mustapha.” The Mullah replied, “Who are you going to believe, me […]

Nasrudin and saving the donkey

Mullah Nasrudin was going to Haj (pilgrimage to Mecca) with his daughter. They rode on his prize donkey and had with them all his wealth to be purified by the pilgrimage. After six month they had to cross a desert. In the distance they saw a whirlwind of sand thrown up in the air. Soon […]