Do you know what I’m going to tell you

In those days, villages would invite preachers to their village and feed them and look after them and in return he would give the Friday (the Muslim Sabbath) sermon. So the elders of this village invited Mullah Nasrudin and they really looked after him and gave him the best foods. Come Friday, the Mullah went […]

Mullah Nasrudin and the Key

Mullah Nasrudin is one night looking for something next to a lamp post in the street. A friend is going by and asks what he’s doing. The Mullah says, “I’m looking for my key which lost.” The friend decides to help and searches the ground under the lamp post. Half an hour later the friend […]

Who is this Nasrudin fellow anyway?

Many nations of the Middle East claim the Mullah Nasrudin as their own, however, the Mullah, like all mythological characters, belongs to all humanity. Mullah Nasrudin is a wise fool and his stories have many meanings on multiple levels of reality. These stories show among other things that things are not always as they appear […]